Why we need mindful leaders and mindful workplaces

Most leadership books and training programs focus on how leaders can achieve more—do more, better, faster, with spectacular results. We’ve become obsessed with continuous improvement at increasing speed, with resulting rising stress levels to leaders and their followers and deteriorating relationships. Mindfulness as both a leadership practice and workplaceculture holds the promise to bring back balance and better health.

Self-compassion a key to weathering life’s challenges

Why do some people roll with life’s punches, facing failures and problems with grace, while others dwell on calamities, criticize themselves and exaggerate problems? In my work with clients who have struggled with trauma, obstacles, or setbacks in life, I’ve tried to discern how some are so resilient and others aren’t, and develop supportive strategies. One powerful strategy is the capacity for self-compassion.

How workaholism may be the price we pay for productivity

The health of countries and the people within them is often measured by economic activity—particularly productivity—often without an examination of the social costs of that activity. Productivity may have some undesirable side effects, of which the most serious is increasing “workaholism,” and the health problems that go with it.