Tough times for Gen Y’ers: Waiting for the leaders of tomorrow

In a 2009 article in Psychology Today, “Millennials Poised To Take Over The Workplace,” I optimistically declared this generation — also called Gen Y’ers — was poised to replace Baby Boomers in the workplace. That prediction has not come to pass, partly because of the negative impact of the recent recession, and because many Boomers are not retiring. As a result, the economic and career prospects for Millennials are discouraging.

“Why I need a life coach–and you might too” Guest Blog

I have a life coach. Among people I know, this is about as embarrassing as saying, “my nine-year-old isn’t toilet trained” or “I have an STD,” so you may be wondering why I am coming out with it.
The reason is, in the 10 years I have been working with Travis, my life has changed dramatically for the better. And if I, with my arrogant, know-it-all attitude, can experience this kind of change, I believe you can, too.

Why performance reviews don’t improve performance

In my article Why “Constructive Feedback” Doesn’t Improve Performance, I said “constructive feedback, which is usually critical, rarely helps anyone, and certainly rarely improves employee performance on the job.”

A number of management experts have recently engaged in renewed dialogue about the dysfunctionality of performance reviews, and a new idea on how to replace it using a positive “crowdsourcing,” process has produced a interesting alternative.