Nice companies, like their leaders, can finish first

In my article in The Financial Post, “Why Nice Guys Can Finish First in Business,” I said ““our culture for some time has embraced the notion that the strongest, toughest and most aggressive leaders get the job done and are more desirable, than “likeable,” or humble people who are viewed to be weak.” Despite the fact that this stereotype continues to be embraced by many and projected in the media, it doesn’t reflect changing times or recent psychological and business research.

Is Gen Y becoming the new “Lost Generation?”

The “Lost Generation,” a term thought to be coined by Gertrude Stein, was the generation that came of age during WWI, and referred to young people whose prospects in life looked dim. The term was also used to refer to the generation of unemployed youth in the Great Depression. If that term can be applicable to today’s Generation Y, it’s in reference to their high aspirations yet what some would say are their dismal economic prospects. At the same time, it’s clear Gen Y has a very difficult set of values for work and life in general, compared to the Baby Boomers.

What are the most important things great leaders do?

As a CEO coach I’m often asked by new leaders recently promoted how they should spend their time. While you’d think they would already know the answer, there are different views among management experts and leaders themselves. A clear picture does emerge however, that many leaders are spending time focusing on the wrong things.