Why “giving” is a powerful leadership strategy

Occasionally, I am asked by organizations to “rescue” an executive or help him or her “grow” substantially, before more serious employment decisions are made. Often, I see a lack of self-awareness and self-management but I also see issues related to egos — excessive competition, narcissism and a win-lose attitude. An overarching problem can be the individual’s (and/or the organization’s ) emphasis on “taking” rather than “giving.”

Why do we cling to the myth of the “self-made man?”

The recession has caused a significant economic adjustment, including a realignment of assets and the demand and supply of talent. Along with these adjustments has been renewed debate over issues such as the distribution of wealth, the disappearing middle class and the belief in meritocracy. Some recent experts have reaffirmed a perception that both the belief in the “self-made man” and the benefits of meritocracy are largely myths and don’t serve society well.