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Many employees, managers and executives, attempting to navigate the rough waters of career advancement, or wanting to advance their already successful career, discover a personal leadership coach can serve an important and constructive role. There are many circumstances in which coaching can be of benefit. Ray is well-known as one of the most effective and innovative executive coaches in the country. His passion and energy is infectious, motivating and encouraging. He has a no-nonsense style in which he advises, challenges, provokes, guides and pushes his clients. Ray possesses great insight and knowledge, which he is able to convey clearly and with enthusiasm.

Ray’s approach to transformational leadership, anchored in the most recent brain science and human performance research is the platform for his executive coaching. He has worked with hundreds of highly successful leaders to help them hone their leadership skills and helped develop new and aspiring leaders to step into that most important role. Ray also understands the needs and challenges of senior executives, having been both a CEO and senior HR Executive.

Ray is able to get to the heart of what is going on very quickly. He then develops specific, measurable strategies that get you thinking about your challenges in an entirely different and more empowering way. Every session provides new, clear perspectives on how to approach the clients’ work challenges with a clear plan of attack.

Results like these often extend beyond the client in the form of improved teamwork, enhanced relationships and a higher level of motivation throughout the company. (Don’t take our word for it. Read some of the testimonials from his clients.)

Here’s a partial list of the organizations that Ray has provided executive coaching services for:

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“Ray is a fantastic coach! He breaks down complex concepts and makes them easy to digest and exercise in every day life. He has an amazing ability to help you see a clear path to achieve your goals whist aligning core values. His genuine and caring demeanor creates a safe place to explore conflicting thoughts and find resolution. I highly recommend Ray.” — Lyn Bryan, Managing Director, 6S Marketing

“Ray is a true professional in his space. He brings leading edge concepts to issues and delivers results. One of the best Executive Coaches out there.” — Mike Webb, Senior Vice President, Agrium Corporation.

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Results & Guarantees

Ray’s individual clients report amazing results. They willingly give testimonials about:

  • Their relationships having been positively transformed;
  • Successfully achieving their goals and aspirations;
  • Achieving an inner sense of peace and calm;
  • Gaining clarity about their life’s purpose;
  • Making a significant contribution to their community or society;

  • Raising their level of self-awareness;
  • Managing and regulating their emotions more effectively;
  • Living more mindfully in the present;
  • Increasing their emotional intelligence.

Ray is so confident in his strategies for transformation, he provides a money-back guarantee to clients.

Some of Ray's Clients

Real Property Institute of Canada
University of Phoenix
Chartered Accountants of BC
city of vancouver
sierra wireless

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