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Whether you are a corporate executive, business owner or professional, you’ve probably searched the Internet for coaching services at some time because you ae facing challenges at work or home or want to move up to a higher level of success or happiness.

Or you feel stuck, not knowing what you want, fearful of the future, or you are not living in alignment with your values, inner truth and purpose in life. Or you are unsatisfied with your relationship but don’t know how to make lasting changes.

Your success, happiness and fulfillment can’t be left to chance, but can be the result of mastering the thinking and behavioral strategies to overcome, inspire yourself and get over what’s holding you back. Ray Williams has developed powerful intervention strategies to assist individuals to get past stuck and overcome obstacles, to move forward to new ground and new success and happiness.

Making changes is never easy in life, and we often don’t know how to start, or what changes need to be made in what order. It can be frustrating, confusing and fraught with fear, when we don’t know what to do and how, even if we know changes need to be made to be happier or more successful. It’s also sometimes difficult to be objective about your relationships and what needs to be changed. Having an experienced and highly trained coach can help you navigate that path successfully is critical.


Or you may not be experiencing any particular problems or challenges in your life or career, but want to grow personally, to reach that next level of success and fulfillment.

If the above describes you and your situation, then you can partner with Ray as your coach to be inspired, become more powerful and overcome the obstacles to a more satisfying life. He has used proven pragmatic strategies along with evidenced based psychological insights to assist hundreds of clients find their true path.

I am so grateful to have Ray in my life. The situation which brought me to Ray’s coaching was one of tremendous turmoil – with his guidance I now realize that this part of my life was necessary in discovering my true authentic self. Through this work my confidence and value of my life has exponentially increased. These results shine through my personal life and business success each and everyday. – Natalie Kathleen, Owner and CEO, JIBS Inc. New York City

Working with Ray Williams was an incredible experience. He broke me down and built me back up like a fighter, and now I can move faster and punch harder. My career has completely changed for the better. I am happier with what I’m doing and making more money. I am a better husband and a new father with Ray’s insights on how to be a great father. Finally, I am happy and fulfilled in my life for the first time. – Michael Daingerfield, Owner Daingervoice Productions

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Results & Guarantees

Ray’s individual clients report amazing results. They willingly give testimonials about:

  • Their relationships having been positively transformed;
  • Successfully achieving their goals and aspirations;
  • Achieving an inner sense of peace and calm;
  • Gaining clarity about their life’s purpose;
  • Making a significant contribution to their community or society;

  • Raising their level of self-awareness;
  • Managing and regulating their emotions more effectively;
  • Living more mindfully in the present;
  • Increasing their emotional intelligence.

Ray is so confident in his strategies for transformation, he provides a money-back guarantee to clients.

Some of Ray's Clients

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