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Ray Williams Talks About Passive Aggressive Language

In this video clip you’ll learn what passive-aggressive behavior is, and the language that is a sign you are dealing with a passive-aggressive person.



Ray Williams Talks 6 Habits Of Likeable People

This video clip shows that being a likeable person makes you more influential and persuasive, and how it contributes to success.



Ray Williams Talks Non Striving

This video clip explains how having goals and aspirations are a good thing and can be motivating, but in contrast, being attached to specific outcomes (it has to be a certain way) can actually lead to disappointment and suffering.



Ray Williams Talks 6 Emotional Habits for a Balanced Life

In this video clip I review the 6 basic emotional habits happy people practice.



Ray Williams Talks Negative Thoughts

In this video clip, I explain how to productively and positively deal with negative thoughts, either about others, but more importantly, about yourself.



Ray Williams Talks Habits

This video clip explains how habits are formed and a step-by-step process to break bad habits and replace them with good habits.



Ray Williams Talks Less Is More

In this video clip, you’ll learn about the downside of workaholism, and that more hours of work doesn’t translate into greater productivity. Further you’ll learn Ray’s system of work-break periods which can actually increase productivity.



Ray Williams Talks Living A Mindful Life

This video clip examines the meaning and practices of mindfulness and how they can contribute to a happy and fulfilling life.



Ray Williams Talks Setting Boundaries

In this video clip, I explain why it’s important to set personal boundaries in your life, including the practice of “saying no,” and not focusing so much on keeping others happy.



Ray Williams Talks Multitasking

In this video clip, I review the research showing how multitasking not only reduces your productivity, but also your IQ and your ability to focus.



Ray Williams Talks Reality is Perception

In this video I discuss how our perceptions create our reality, and that no two people experience reality the same way; as well can have an effect on how we judge others and situations.



Ray Williams Talks What Happy People Do

In this video clip, I review the research on happiness, and discuss what common habits happy people have.



Ray Williams Talks Reactionism

In this video clip, I discuss how we can unconsciously and quickly react with negative emotions before we are aware of the emotions we are actually experiencing and their impact on others, and how we can choose to intentionally respond instead.



Ray Williams Talks Taking Responsibility

In this video clip I discuss one of basic emotionally grounded principles in life that contribute to happiness, and that is taking responsiblilty for everything that happens in our lives, and not being a victim.



Ray Williams Talks Managing Stress

In this video clip, I describe the effect ongoing stress has on our physical, mental and emotional states, and how best to manage stress in your lives.