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Organizational Success

Organizations are successful not just because they have a great product or service they market and sell. People in the organizations–the talent skills, roles and relationships–are the most signficiant assets. Organizations can be places where people want to work and be more successful with the right kind of leadership who understands the brain science and heart motivation behind human performance. Ray Williams brings his 35 years of experience and expertise as a CEO, senior HR Executive, Management Consultant and Master Executive Coach to help organizations:

  • Build positive workplace cultures;
  • Build outstanding leadership teams;
  • Develop positive team relationships;
  • Develop cutting edge motivation and performance strategies.


The most critical person that determines the long-term success of organizations is the leader. Since the time of the ancient Greeks there have been theories of what makes an outstanding leader and organizations have spent literally billions of dollars training and developing their leaders.

Ray Williams is acknowledged as one the foremost experts in leadership behavior and training in North America.  His model of transformational leadership, anchored in the most recent brain science and human performance research is the platform for his leadership training programs. He has worked with dozens of highly successful leaders to help them hone their leadership skills, and helped develop new leaders to step into that most important role.


Leaders in organizations today rarely lead alone. The norm now is to have a management team, lead by the CEO, President or business owner, but includes others with varying roles.  How the management team is chosen, structured and developed is one of the main measures of the success of the top leaders. Ray Williams has worked extensively training top leaders on how to develop this management team, and worked with management teams to improve their collaboration and effectiveness.


Sometimes leaders in organizations need more than occasional coaching to move up to the next level of sucess and become more effective leaders.  Ray Williams has acted as a mentor to dozens of top leaders and business owners, mentoring them, using his 35 years experience as an executive and professional, to strengthen their knowledge, attitudes and skills.  Sometimes coaching skills are not enough.  It also takes wisdom, for which Ray Williams is widely known.


Best practice organizations have robust recruitment, hiring and employee development programs, including effective succession programs. Having a knowledgeable consultant who can assist them in all these aspects, and work cooperatively with the HR personnel is an invaluable resource. Ray Williams experience as an HR and Career Management executive can be the difference in organizations wanting to find, keep and develop their best talent.


Relationships in organizations can make or break them, regardless of their products or services. Building policies, processes and structures to improve relationships including collaborative practices, socialization methodologies, recognition systems, employee engagement programs and positive workplace culture is an area of Ray Williams’ expertise.