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Ray now Owner and President of Ray Williams Associates, a private company based in Vancouver, B.C., providing personal and executive mentoring and professional speaking services to clients internationally. He is also known as one of Canada’s top CEO Coaches.

Ray Williams was born in a Prisoner of War Camp as a prisoner of the Japanese in World War II in Hong Kong. His family spent almost 4 years in Stanley Camp. This experience of extreme adversity had a great influence on Ray and his understanding of what it takes to persevere, survive, be successful and be happy.

Ray spent much of his childhood in Hong Kong and Australia and moved to Vancouver, Canada at the age of 6.  He attended public school in Vancouver and went on to get his B.A., M.A. and worked towards a Ph.D. at the University of British Columbia, studying English, Psychology and History. Ray began his professional career as a high school teacher, and quickly moved on to become a District Curriculum Coordinator, Secondary School Principal, Director of Human Resources and Superintendent of Schools.  Ray took early retirement from the education business and established a management consulting firm, providing services to clients in Canada and the U.S. During this time Ray also served as Executive Vice President of Premier Career Management Group in Vancouver.

“Ray is a true professional in his space. He brings leading edge concepts to issues and delivers results. One of the best Executive Coaches out there.”—Senior Vice President, Agrium Corporation.
“Ray has deep knowledge and considerable experience with both professional and personal development. He has great intuition, which when combined with his experience, enables him to get to the central issues. 
Ray is able to build trust and provide people with the confidence they need to face their strengths and shortcomings because he is genuine and empathetic. 

His approach enables people to establish a foundation for growing both personally and professionally. I highly recommend Ray.” –Ian McLeod, General Counsel, Teligence Corporation
“I have used Ray for both personal coaching and coaching for senior colleagues. Coaching with Ray was different than any coaching I had previously received. Ray has developed a comprehensive program that goes deep into understanding who you are, where you want to go, who you want to be and what might be getting in the way of your achieving that. He is patient yet firm, wise, consistently non-judging and ultimately caring. His coaching has helped in all areas of my life, as a senior executive, a parent, a spouse and a friend. In many ways it feel like I have a new lease on life. If you are serious about facing your challenges and want to go past reading another self-improvement book or trying the latest fad to truly understanding yourself and your purpose, I would highly recommend Ray.”—Scott Orth, Project Manager – Global Human Development, Golder Associates Inc.
“I am so grateful to have Ray in my life. The situation which brought me to Ray’s coaching was one of tremendous turmoil – with his guidance I now realize that this part of my life was necessary in discovering my true authentic self. Through this work my confidence and value of my life has exponentially increased. These results shine through my personal life and business success each and everyday.”–Natalie Kathleen, Owner, Sienna Ray & Co. New York City
“On behalf of the team, we all really enjoyed the opportunity to benefit from your experience. You made a profound impact on all the attendees.”–Ron Hensel, Regional Project Director, The Westin Hotels and Resorts
“Ray has a rare gift for mixing an acute understanding of you as a person and combining that with an aptitude for business and career success principles. I personally wanted to work with Ray as an Executive Coach to help take me to the next level in business. What I experienced instead, was deep work into my mindset and psychological mastery of habits and beliefs that were holding me back as well as opportunities within me to grow. With Ray’s advice and wise counsel has helped me to focus on prioritizing myself in order to serve a bigger audience and deliver to my treasured clients and that’s been hugely helpful for a greater awareness of how I can grow my business too. He has a vast array of tools he uses to ensure you get the most out of your sessions and I only wish were able to have more in person sessions (even though Skype worked great) as I know Ray also has more skills in reading energy in person and has much more to offer that I haven’t even begun to experience yet. I highly recommending investing in coaching with Ray if you truly want to experience results that will last a lifetime and transform your life.” Natalie Sisson, Owner, Natalie Sisson, Inc., Author of The Suitcase Entrepreneur
“Ray has been a very dedicated and hard working director. His commitment to the different duties on the Board, the Executive Committee of the Board, the Leaders of Tomorrow, Community Affairs Committee and Policy Council is second to none. He is one of those people who I could call and ask for his help and he always gave his full commitment to everything he was asked to do. And he was asked often. I personally will miss working with Ray. I’ll miss his considerable contribution, his dedication, his willingness and his responsiveness.”– Ken Martin, CEO. Blue Cross and Chair, Vancouver Board of Trade
“If you are finding yourself stuck in any aspect of your life and that is preventing you from reaching to full potential you have within you, then working with Ray is your absolute, guaranteed solution. Ray Williams will lead you on a journey of a lifetime. Be prepared to dig deep, be completely honest (with him and yourself), and roll up your sleeves to do some hard work. Ray’s skill set if phenomenal! His background in various fields and dedication to continued learning and research allow him to approach your coaching sessions from many angles and perspectives, and find the ones that work for you. I have worked with several coaches in the past. I was frustrated, knowing I had self-limiting beliefs (they even told me I had them!); and I wasn’t living my life authentically. None of my previous coaches could seem to help me locate, excavate, resolve and leave those limiting beliefs behind. Which left me even more frustrated. Ray has been the exception and now I live my life authentically, with purpose and from a completely different place from within myself. I am no longer stuck, have learned how to unstick myself, and am moving at breakneck speed to the life I desire. If offered the opportunity to work with Ray, trust that it is the opportunity of a lifetime, and know it isn’t an offer made to everyone. Get on board and take the journey to a place where all that you dream about is reality. Thank you for everything this year. I am a loss for words as to how much my life has changed and how much I have grown. I am so grateful for your guidance and unconditional commitment.”–Karley Cunningham, Owner, BigBold Brands.
“Let me say “thanks” for the many years of service to VBOT, and for the support you have shown me, personally, as I settled into this role. I wish you nothing but the best wherever your journey takes you.”–Iain J.S. Black ,President and CEO, The Vancouver Board of Trade
“Thanks for all your great work on the Board of Trade. You have a made a significant difference.–Tim Manning, Vice President, Royal Bank of Canada
“It’s hard to convey how much value Ray has delivered to various aspects of my life. I’ve been working with Ray for nearly 6 months and my personal and professional growth has reached levels I only dreamed of. He brought so much clarity and awareness into my life and helped me realize my potential, strengthen my challenges and has taught me priceless techniques for enhancing performance. Ray has an incredibly calming nature. He creates a space where you can be open in a completely non-judgemental environment where you feel safe to break down personal barriers and gain insight on your inner being.”—Samantha Skelly, Health and Wellness Coach, Author
“You are one great person and its been an honour to work with you on the Board.”–Mary Anne Davidson, Vice-President, Human Resources, Acciona Infrastructure Canada, Inc.
“I’ve really appreciated your involvement with the Policy Council and working with you on the Board and Executive Committee”–Robin Sylvester, CEO, Vancouver Port Authority
“I had heard from another colleague who had worked with Ray Williams that he helped her to unleash her passion, focus on her strengths and as such, be even more focused on realizing her career potential. Although I am lucky enough to have the job of my dreams, I do believe it necessary, each day, to continually strive to be better. To do this, I have learned that it is not only necessary to truly understand yourself and others, but be content within yourself and every aspect of your life, in order to be an outstanding leader. Ray has helped me in this continuing journey with his well-researched philosophy, his outstanding ability to listen, and his experience in applying psychology to strategic business decisions. I highly recommend Ray to those executives who not only have reached the pinnacle of success, but want to continue to make a difference, both in their life and in their continuing career pursuits.” –Robin Hemmingsen, Dean, School of Business, BCIT .Board Member, Vancouver Board of Trade
“Working with Ray Williams was an incredible experience. He broke me down and built me back up like a fighter, and now I can move faster and punch harder. My career has completely changed for the better. I am happier with what I’m doing and making more money. I am a better husband and a new father with Ray’s insights on how to be a great father. Finally, I am happy and fulfilled in my life for the first time.”–Michael Daingerfield, Principal, Daingervoice Productions.

“I can highly recommend Ray from my 6 months working with him as my career coach. Ray has a warm style, tremendous skill in providing both critical analysis and support for whatever issues you are working though, a nice balance of sensitivity and objectivity, and enough wisdom to fill a room. Tapping into some pretty fundamental human skills and capacities, and giving you perspective on how to move ahead, Ray is a consummate professional.”–Vince Verlaan, Principal, Golder Associates
“Working with Ray is an incredible experience. He sees what your strengths are. Then he creates a game plan that works to your strengths and provides instruction along the way to ensure you stay on your game.”–Kim Molby, Owner and President, Railway Parts, Inc.

“Ray Williams has been an invaluable mentor and inspiration in helping me understand myself better, and the effect that I can have on the people around me, particularly under stressful situations. Ray has helped me understand the true values and meaning of how trust, respect, integrity, compassion, and leadership are the pillars to success and happiness. He has also helped me to understand and appreciate that life’s challenges and stress points should be considered experiences to make one stronger and more resilient to manage future and as-yet unknown challenges. Through Ray’s mentoring support and insightful perspectives during the past several months, I have learned the true meaning of “it is what it is”.–Don Gamble, Principal / Senior Environmental Planner Golder Associates Ltd.

“I had the good fortune to have Ray as my mentor while I was going through one of the more challenging times of my life-both personally and professionally. Ray acted as a mentor, coach and friend through this time allowing me to look at the situation, as well as myself, in a different more positive light. Ray is a master of his craft – everything from personal coaching and mindfulness to organizational transformation and leadership – and this was very apparent in my experience with him. Ray took the time, on top of his very busy schedule, to teach me about and lead me to become more mindful; he brought to light areas of weakness for me that I was not willing/able to see myself and helped me to improve upon them; he showed me strengths that I did not realize I had and helped me to harden them. I emerged from our final session together confident in my abilities, content in my relationships with others, and on track to start a very exciting next phase of my life – a place that I would have struggled to get to without Ray’s help. I would recommend working with Ray to anyone that feels that they are at an impasse in their life. Ray will guide you to see the many alternate routes to either overcoming or completely avoiding whatever may be in your way. He will allow you to move mindfully but with a strengthened resolve to reach your goal – however daunting it may seem.”—Sophia Coulter, Customer Support Coordinator, AltaGas Ltd.

“I first started working with Ray back in February and it has been an incredibly valuable experience as I prepare to start my career. Our time together has helped me become far more self aware, confident, and comfortable with who I am. 

I definitely recommend Ray to anyone who wants more from life, either personally or in their career (especially students looking to add a personal development element to their education). 

I have the utmost respect for Ray and cannot wait for the next time we get to work together. Thank you Ray!”—Sean Hepple, Project Manager, Waste Management Corporation

“Ray Williams provides leadership mentoring and training and executive coaching to CEOs, senior executives, business owners and professionals throughout North America. He is known as one of Canada’s top CEO coaches, and has worked with Fortune 1000 companies, and small to medium sized companies. His knowledge of human performance, brain science and behavior change have helped hundreds of high performing individuals and organizations reach the next level of success, happiness and fulfillment. In addition, Ray is writes regularly for well known publications such as Psychology Today, The Financial Post and Salon, and is in demand as a platform speaker”—Melanie Dodaro, International #1 Bestselling Author of The LinkedIn Code ♦ LinkedIn Expert ♦ Keynote Speaker ♦ Social Selling Evangelist
I had the pleasure of knowing and working with Mr. Williams for over a year now; which recently Ray donated his time and wisdom to my organization which is involved in training our next generation of leaders. Mr. Williams’ presentation was filled with great wisdom and integrity, the values that are praised highly in the professional world. Ray’s encouragements, filled with real life examples and stories, made it a vivid picture for the attendees what to expect from themselves and how to achieve greater results. His great sense of personality coupled with his strong character makes Mr. Williams a perfect mentor for every stage of your life and your career without any hesitations.—Alex Jacobs-Hajian, Accenture Consultant, Data Analytics & Business Intelligence Guru; Ivey Business School Research Associate; Entrepreneur
“Ray was and is a gift from the universe. It was simply an act of tremendous courage on my behalf to receive that gift and embrace and commit to the journey to success that Ray presented. Working with Ray has been nothing less than profound. His wisdom and guidance has illuminated a darkened pathway to manifesting my true essence of being and personal success in all facets of my life.”–Teressa Euley, Co-Owner, Granville Therapy Clinic
“Ray is generous, captivating and thought provoking. He frames a high capacity to build meaningful connections with individuals and groups. His sincere coaching approach, deprived of judgment has allowed me to grow as an individual and new entrant in the business world. His coaching sessions have enabled me to address concerns I am currently facing and uncover issues I may face in the future. He has made a lasting impression on my autobiography. His coaching philosophies will continue to interconnect with both my personal and professional life and guide me through limitations I will no longer allow myself to have. Thank you for the passion and sincerity you render to all you meet.”–Michelle Funk, BBA, BCIT
“Ray is a gentle and strategic person who helps others move firmly forward in their lives and careers. Ray is a person that I am proud to know and happy to call friend and partner. He is unwavering in his commitment and impeccable with his word.” ~ Stephanie Frank, President, Stephanie Frank Worldwide
“Ray has been a great mentor in my life and I have benefited so much from our relationship. He has an innate ability to read people and surprised me with so many truths about myself that were below the surface. Through our work together, my self-awareness has increased significantly and I am much clearer about my identity. Though I continue to work on becoming more conscientious, I have already received amazing positive feedback from colleagues. I look forward to continuing our relationship for many years and highly recommend him as a mentor and coach.”–Georgina Hardman, Allnorth Consultants
“Thank you Ray for reminding us how we can in very simple ways reconnect to our own hearts as a path to bring that love back to others. Your stories awaken and remind us to be what we want from the world.”–Michele Price, The Breakthrough Specialist.
“Ray is a great coach and wonderful human being,”–Steve Mitten, Past President, International Coaching Federation.
“It has been a pleasure learning from Ray as his mentee within the Leaders of Tomorrow Program. Ray holds the quintessential quality of a teacher/mentor, guiding one to their own answers, therefore empowering the student to fully embrace the knowledge he arms them with to allow for a high degree of personal growth within their journey. He is passionate business leader, and heavily involved in the community, truly exemplifying the alignment he has within all of his actions. Ray guides his students, myself included, with an unwavering conviction to see that it is not what lay ahead of us, or behind us which depicts who, or what we are, but what lay within us. With that he helps develop true leaders in all areas of life. For those prepared to take control of their own destinies, and outcomes, I highly recommend seeking Ray as a mentor.”—Emilija Kolar, Consulting Analyst
“Ray coached me in all aspects of my career and personal life. The depth of knowledge he has on the way the mind works and how to take steps to get where you want to go was insightful and inspiring. I overcame some big challenges and moved closer to my goals. He was wonderful to work with as he is a person of high integrity and truly cares about others. I would definitely recommend him to anyone seeking to develop themselves further, professionally or personally!”—Loa Fridfinnson, Owner, Active8
“Ray is an inspiring and effective leader–he rallies people around initiatives that matter, and brings wisdom, compassion, humor and courage to the way that he leads others. He gets a 5-star recommendation from me.”–Art Shirk, Vice President, Coaches Training Institute

“Ray’s strengths are his awareness of conscious existence and his commitment and desire in the expansion of both mind and spirit. I am not yet aware of any weaknesses he has. “~ Connor Shankey, President & CEO, Visual Knowledge

“I’ve had the good fortune of working with Ray in a group setting and one-on-one over the past year. As a coach, he’s both tough and compassionate, giving guidance that is insightful but also quite practical. He quickly gets to the root of a given problem, gently pushing his clients beyond their comfort zone where the real change happens. Ray’s method, drawing from the latest research in a variety of disciplines, is unlike anything I’ve come across to date. I have no idea exactly how it works – just that it does. Working with Ray has improved my confidence both professionally and personally, and I would enthusiastically recommend him to friends, colleagues and associates.”– Krysten Ouwehand, Marketing Director, Meyler Capital

“Ray’s superior capacity is complemented by an exemplary synthesis of erudition, good sense, humility and professionalism. You work in the Doctoral Program at The University of Phoenix confirms that you are ‘one in a million.’”~ Louise Underdahl, Ph.D., Faculty , University of Phoenix School of Advanced Studies

“I have had pleasure to interact with Ray in many capacities over the past few years. His presentation and speaking skills to diverse groups is engaging and impactful.”–Shane Gibson, President, Knowledge Brokers International

“Your involvement made the event a great success last year. There was an extremely positive response to your presentation last year and we have sincerely appreciated your continuous support.”– Allison Buchanan, Sauder School of Business

“You have a gift for inspiring people.”–Austin Nairn, Director of Membership Services, Vancouver Board of Trade

“At first glance, Ray Williams boasts a wide smile and warm personality. He’s a captivating speaker who balances charisma and confidence with grace and humility. Ray guided us on a journey filled with success and struggle, pleasure and pain. His stories were equal parts funny and tragic, and his advice was both practical and empathetic. Ray’s talk was mind-blowing and life-changing.” –Jonathan Sue, British Columbia Institute of Technology

“In the past year, I’ve spoken with many skilled, experienced presenters as I researched speakers for the ICF Vancouver Chapter events. Ray Williams was that and much more. He is a confident, engaging speaker, generous with his time and resources and his presentation received the most positive feedback of the year!”–Sandi Faviell Amorim,Programs Chair, ICF Vancouver

“Thank you so much for your outstanding talk on The Science of Success. You did a brilliant job of reviewing the seven universal laws and how it applies to our lives….you have a dynamic style and handle questions with ease.”~ Donelle Clark, Vice- President, Ambassadors Club, Vancouver Board of Trade

“Your speaking and writing has been highly beneficial for me. Your mission is awesome, it’s inspiring. You’re really changing lives. Thank you for all the amazing work you do in the world.”~ Andrew Parkes, President, Success Coaching For Men

“Ray, you are awesome.”–Michelle Chiu, Sauder School of Business, University of British Columbia

“Although I’ve attended dozens of values based programs myself, I must say that Ray’s life experience really helped me revisit my values as if it were the first time I had gone through the process. I left with a fire in my belly and a renewed energy…..”—Bill Gibson, President, Professional Sales Academy.

“Great presence. A natural communicator, with an inspirational life”–Brent Charleton, Simon Fraser University
“Ray has changed the way I see reality.”–Nirueen Basra, BCIT Business Faculty

” I just wanted to say the amount of impact your session had on me has done wonders. My outlook is completely changed – for the better. I’ve already noticed huge improvements in almost every aspect of my life. You’re job must be so fulfilling.”–April Yau, 6S Marketing

“Great experience! Ray Williams was so captivating and engaging, yet completely non-judgmental. This workshop is a great tool for any executive looking to succeed in the fast-paced world of business.”–Sally Kann, UBC Faculty of Business
“A fantastic program, expertly presented and facilitated by Ray….’”–David Weiss, Vice President, Solutions Development and Marketing, Telus

“I have heard and been on the stage with some of the best presenters and speakers in the world, and believe that Ray Williams is one of the best.”–Jesse Dylan, President, The Good Life Company and Radio Show
“Ray Williams opened my eyes to how I’m not living and working in alignment with my values, and how to make immediate changes.”–Ulandi Teubes, Manager, Golder Associates.

“Ray is an outstanding presenter and facilitator who brings out the best in participants…”–Lynn Rainville, MacDonald Dettwiller
“Ray touched my heart.”–Cindy Cheng, University of British Columbia

“One of the best workshops I have ever attended.”–Dipreet Gill, University of British Columbia

“Your presentation on Leading from the Heart was an excellent lesson, and I don’t think it left a dry eye in the room. Several people noted your presentation as what they most liked about attending the conference.”–Susan Hampton, ALS Society, B.C. & Yukon

“Ray Williams is an insightful coach who creates effective developmental programs for is clients. Ray provided me with a deeper understanding of myself, my strengths and weaknesses, and of my full capabilities. With a wealth of knowledge in the areas of business, leadership, psychology and brain and body science, Ray positioned me to have a new perspective on myself, my loved ones, my coworkers and people in general.”~ Tejash Chauhan, Manager, Risk & Insurance SilverBirch Hotels & Resorts

“Ray is renowned as one of Canada’s best CEO coaches, and he deserves that reputation and more. He has helped me get my life’s priorities straight, know who I really am and what I want, clean up my past, build better relationships and be happier. What more could you want?”–Martin Williamson, Owner and President, Segway Communications

“Ray is an amazing individual with many talents. In working with Ray it didn’t take me long to realize what he brings to the table in the way of personal and business acumen. Thanks for your mentoring.”–Corry Kouwenberg, Senior Consultant, Solutions Focused Coaching

“Ray, with his humble, charismatic and energetic personality had a great impact on me. His sensitivity and behavioral flexibility shows how much experience he has in human behavior science. I truly believe Ray has an exceptional ability to teach and guide people to become their best, because he teaches from his heart.”–Anita Babinszki, President, Gigaminds

“For Ray, coaching comes naturally. Ray combines his compassionate, intuitive and caring nature with an expansive expertise in connecting and communicating with people. A sense of calm, security and confidence in my future continue even weeks after one session.” ~ Lorna Alvaro, Executive, Roche Canada

“Ray is my conduit for successfully achieving my life’s purpose and goals. I can’t thank or recommend him enough.”–Wade Allen, Wade Allen Real Estate

“My life has never had as much purpose and clarity as I feel now wince having Ray Williams as my coach. Ray has shown me in his calm and professional manner, how to realize my potential in both my personal and business life. I have never been as content with ‘my lot in life’ as I am now.”~ Marjan Watt, Principal, AM Financial Services

“Ray almost effortlessly guides me to where I want to and need to go in my life, with his compassion, humor and steadfast belief in me. He is a superb coach.”~ Jim Sinclair, Aero Technologies

“I am more at peace than I have ever been, less stressed, and much calmer in my dealings with my family and others. My friends and family have all remarked as to how positively I have changed. The catalyst for these and other positive changes in my life was Ray Williams.”~ Peter Chapman, Principal/Senior Environmental Scientist, Golder Associates

“Ray has worked as a personal advisor for the past two years. During that time he has helped me really understand what leadership means and how to be a great leader. His expertise on personal growth, leadership, relationships and teamwork are unsurpassed.”–Chuck Dwyer, Vice President, HR, HSBC Bank

“Ray’s relaxed and friendly demeanor was a natural catalyst for the most engaging and fruitful team training we’ve had. The application of success principles to our training and development has been a boon for our increased sales.”~ Diana Davies, Sales Manager, CFUN Radio Station

“Ray is an instinctively tune-in business professional whose knack for understanding people and the dynamics of organizational behavior is unmatched in the business community.”–Aaron Nakama, Senior Client Manager, TEEMA Consulting Group

“Ray is an outstanding coach mentor. He helped me and my team focus on what’s important, develop ourselves personally and helped me and my team be more collaborative and productive.”–Mike Happs, Regional Manager, Cisco

“Ray possesses a great balance of professionalism and warmth and is truly committed to his vision. He is extremely generous in sharing his extensive experience, wisdom and knowledge. I would highly recommend Ray for those seeking positive and sustained change in their professional, and by extension, their personal environments.”–Deborah Sparks, Owner and President, DJH Training Solutions

“You have provided a breath of fresh air. Outstanding.”~ Bill Murphy, Regional Manager, UPS Supply Chains

“Working with Ray can be challenging at times but in a good way because he makes you want to be direct in your approach in whatever you’re doing in life. There’s no half way or leaving anything behind.”–Daniel Bosa, Owner and President, Nova Drywall
“Ray guided a very high caliber group of women (Advisory Council members of the Board of Trade’s Women’s Leadership Circle) through a successful strategic planning session. Ray showed strong understanding of the issues and skill in facilitating a very opinionated group!”–Evi Mustel, Owner, Mustel Group

“Ray has influenced me in many different facets of my life. He has helped me develop myself personally and in my career, giving me a new perspective on life, how I deal with situations and how I work with people. Over the past 6 months he has helped me look at who I am as a person, where I am today and where I want to be in the future. He has given me new tools to help me achieve my goals and become the best I can be. Ray is one of the most personable people I have met in my life and would consider him a great friend. I highly recommend Ray to those who are looking to accelerate their careers or develop themselves personally and find their purpose in life. 

I thank Ray for all of the time and insight he has provided me. I have had a great time working with him and I am looking forward to continuing our relationship in the future.”—Geoff Livingston, Director of Marketing at Noravera Visuals

“Ray has been an unbelievable inspiration for my life. His calm demeanor and effective mix of science and spirituality are an essential part of character growth as a business person. I could not recommend anyone with a better sense of compassion and understanding for human nature. 
If you get the chance to listen to this man’s words, it will greatly influence the way you think and affect the way you look at the world.”—Brian Ceci, Partner, Noravera Visuals

“It’s been an immense pleasure to know and learn from Ray. As a personal and executive mentor, Ray’s approach to personal or professional growth and success is based on sound principles of self knowledge, discovery and mastery. The techniques I have learned from Ray have assisted me in achieving ongoing growth and confidence both professionally and personally. Extremely well spoken, professional and receptive. Ray inspires his students to live inline with their innermost values and strengths inevitably bringing us ever closer to the achievement of life goals and new life perspectives, all while keeping the learning process interesting and fun. I highly recommend Ray for the professional, knowledgeable, kind and wise person that he is. Being part of his coaching program has brought me immense growth in my career and relationships and I am extremely thankful for that. Thank you Ray!”—Fernando Drabik, IT Consulting. Branding, Web Design & Online Marketing

“My first meeting with Ray proved to be a delightful experience. I found him to be friendly, approachable, thoughtful and always a great listener which allows you to open up to him easily. He is a very inquisitive man and helps you realize and understand your strengths and weaknesses thereby developing better management skills in life and the workplace. Ray will always be a friend to me.”—Nicole Zschach, Learning Coordinator, Deloitte Canada

A fantastic program, expertly presented and facilitated by Ray. — David Weiss, Vice-President, Telus

Ray is an outstanding presenter and facilitator who brings out the best in participants. — Lynn Rainville, Director, MacDonald Dettwiller & Associates

Great presence. A natural communicator, with an inspirational life.” — Brent Charlton, Senior Vice-President, EnWave Corporation

I left with a fire in my belly and a renewed energy. — Bill Gibson, President, Professional Sales Academy

Ray’s previous speaking appearances

A partial list of Ray's previous speaking engagements

  • Wisdom Conference, San Francisco, 2014
  • Canadian Society of Club Managers Annual Conference, 2014-2016
  • Conference Board of Canada, 2015
  • RCMP Western Canada Leadership Conference
  • Vancouver Board of Trade
  • University of Maryland Civility Series
  • Kwantlen Polytechnic University
  • British Columbia Institute of Technology
  • Real Property Institute of Canada Annual Conference

Some of Ray's Clients

Real Property Institute of Canada
University of Phoenix
Chartered Accountants of BC
city of vancouver
sierra wireless

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