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Dragon Tamer

by: Ray Williams

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In the late 1980’s, a powerful leader of a Mexican drug cartel, Raoul Ramirez, has found some Mayan hieroglyphs that describe how to create a drug that was once used during ancient Mayan sporting events. He sets up a first time contact with Simon Fung, a leader of a Hong Kong triad, where he figures the drug can be distributed. Whan Chan, an elderly businessman in Hong Kong, informs Fung that he is not longer going to launder his money. Chan is soon found murdered and his son, Raymond, takes over the business. After working with the local police, and getting no results, Raymond becomes obsessed with finding his father’s murderer. He asks his brother, Blake Morgan, a member of the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) and a one-man army, to find the man who murdered their father. Blake, who was never very close to his adopted father, has DEA matters that he must take care of before he can return to Hong Kong. But when Raymond ends up dead, Blake returns to Hong Kong and finds himself caught up the biggest drug creation plot he could ever image. Now he must trust his survival instincts and keep one step ahead of the Hong Kong triads and the Mexican drug cartels all the time searching for the murder’s of his adopted family.

Dragon Tamer is the first book published by Ray Williams. It is a thriller involving DEA agent Blake Morgan and his struggle with not only his inner dragon, but the dragon-tattooed gangs in Hong Kong.

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