Are Business Schools Obsolete?

Few business schools—particularly MBA programs or executive training programs—adequately address the importance of developing leaders.

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How Capitalism Has Fuelled the Climate Crisis

By Ray Williams July 19, 2020   Capitalism is facing at least three major crises. A pandemic-induced health crisis has rapidly ignited an economic crisis with yet unknown consequences for financial stability, and all of this is playing out against the backdrop of...
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Why Failure is So Traumatic and What to do About It

By Ray Williams, August 9, 2020     Our society cherishes success. Success defines the person, the organization, the culture. It is a clear goal for every initiative that has an outcome. It is a gauge by which one measures impact, influence, and consequence....
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How Labeling Your Emotions Can Help You Regulate Your Stress and Anxiety

By Ray Williams August 5, 2020 The current virus pandemic, economic disruption and social distancing is understandably causing emotional turmoil for many people. As we do our best to deal with the accompanying stresses and anxieties, learning how to label our emotions...
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How Growing Incivility Threatens American Democracy

By Ray Williams August 1, 2020   Incivility is on the rise in America. Why? Because of the recent recession and growing economic inequality? Because the undercurrent of racism and anti-immigrant beliefs are now more in the open? Because of the increased polarization...
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Does President Trump Want to be a Dictator?

By Ray Williams May 21, 2019   Part 2 of the Article: Are Americans Becoming More Authoritarian Under An Autocratic President? Many observers argue that America is slipping into an autocratic state under President Trump, and the signs are clear. And it’s... read more

Why The Best Leaders View Vulnerability as a Strength

Why The Best Leaders View Vulnerability as a Strength By Ray Williams, April 20, 2019 There is compelling evidence that leaders who are prepared to show their vulnerability more easily gain the trust of others, and are, in fact, more effective leaders. Admitting our... read more

How Neuroscience Can Make Better Leaders

By Ray Williams, February 6, 2019     Leaders today must understand and apply the knowledge of neuroscience to manage organizational change successfully. In the past, efforts at organizational change which have focused on the structural aspects of... read more

Have We Lost the Need For Physical Touch?

Has our hi-tech, media-socialized world lost something critical to our species—non-sexual human physical touch? Hasn’t human physical contact set us apart from other animals, and has helped us develop complex language, culture, thinking and emotional expression?

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Why We Procrastinate and What to do About It

Most of us have procrastinated about something at some time, and that is not abnormal. In contrast, habitual procrastinators repeatedly avoid doing things—particularly difficult things—and actively look for distractions. According to research from the American... read more

Self-Confidence: Nature or Nurture?

Are you born being self-confident, or do you learn to be that way? This question is the classic nature vs. nurture inquiry. While conventional wisdom has been on the side of nurture, there’s research that indicates some people may be genetically predisposed to be... read more