Why Introverts May Be Better Leaders for Our Times

By Ray Williams December 19, 2019   Our culture, particularly in business and politics, seems to be in love with the charismatic, extravert (also spelled extrovert) leader — the guns blazing, no-holds barred, center-of-attention leader – who is a super...
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How to Manage Your Emotions During the Crisis

By Ray Williams December 19, 2019 The spread of the COVID-19 virus threatens our physical and mental health. Many people have never directly experienced WWII, or a natural disaster, or have not encountered the scene of empty streets and grocery store shelves and...
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What Should Leaders Do During a Crisis?

By Ray Williams March 20, 2019   The recent and on going pandemic crisis has brought into focus the critical need for leaders who know how to lead during a crisis. We’ve witnessed both the good and bad examples locally, nationally and internationally. I think we...
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The Growing Importance of “Soft Skills” in the Workplace

  By Ray Williams March 14, 2020   “Soft skills” can be defined as a collection of positive attributes and competencies that can improve work performance and productivity, enhance relationships, and make an individual more marketable in the workplace. Soft...
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Why We Need Humble Leaders

By Ray Williams March 8, 2020 “Humility is the base and foundation of all virtues, and without it, no other virtue can exist.” –Cervantes  We are hypocritical about the kind of leaders we need and the kind we have traditionally chosen and supported....
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How to Stop Being Reactive

By Ray Williams February 3, 2020 How often have you been in a situation when someone else triggers you into an immediate emotional reaction, leaving you feeling out of control or regretful after? Many people at one time or another can remember such a time. You may...
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The Problem with the Self-Help Movement

By Ray Williams, October 19, 2019   In times of doubt and uncertainty, many people turn to self-help books, groups or gurus in search of encouragement, guidance and self-affirmation. The positive self-statements suggested in these books, such as “I am a... read more

Why The Best Leaders View Vulnerability as a Strength

Why The Best Leaders View Vulnerability as a Strength By Ray Williams, April 20, 2019 There is compelling evidence that leaders who are prepared to show their vulnerability more easily gain the trust of others, and are, in fact, more effective leaders. Admitting our... read more

The Psychology of First Impressions: Are They Accurate?

By Ray Williams, February 11, 2019   Remember that famous line in the movie Jerry Maguire where Renee Zellweger says to Tom Cruise, “You had me at ‘hello’ “? Or how participants in a speed dating exercise almost instantly assess the likeability... read more

How Neuroscience Can Make Better Leaders

By Ray Williams, February 6, 2019     Leaders today must understand and apply the knowledge of neuroscience to manage organizational change successfully. In the past, efforts at organizational change which have focused on the structural aspects of... read more

Have We Lost the Need For Physical Touch?

Has our hi-tech, media-socialized world lost something critical to our species—non-sexual human physical touch? Hasn’t human physical contact set us apart from other animals, and has helped us develop complex language, culture, thinking and emotional expression?

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Why We Procrastinate and What to do About It

Most of us have procrastinated about something at some time, and that is not abnormal. In contrast, habitual procrastinators repeatedly avoid doing things—particularly difficult things—and actively look for distractions. According to research from the American... read more

Self-Confidence: Nature or Nurture?

Are you born being self-confident, or do you learn to be that way? This question is the classic nature vs. nurture inquiry. While conventional wisdom has been on the side of nurture, there’s research that indicates some people may be genetically predisposed to be... read more

How Apologies are the Glue That Holds Us Together

    We all want an apology when someone does us wrong. Are the apologies effective? From the person giving the apology, it may be assumed so. From the perspective of the person receiving, it, maybe not. But showing changed behavior may be more convincing.... read more