The Importance of Luck in Success is Greater Than We Realized

Are society’s wealthiest and most successful  individuals simply the lucky ones? What is necessary for success? What are the secrets of the wealthiest individuals? The readership of periodicals like Success, Forbes, Inc., and Entrepreneur shows that people are...
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Why Top Performers Often Become Bad Bosses

    Everyone has heard the cautionary tales of good employees turning into horrible bosses. We observe high performers suddenly finding it difficult to lead a team and wonder what went wrong. We discover that their initial job talents may not necessarily...
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We Believe the Lies We Tell are the Truth within 45 Minutes—Study

    Ever wonder why some people insist they are telling the truth when they are blatantly lying? Well, some recent studies might offer a hint as to why. A study by Brandeis University researchers Laura E. Paige, Eric C. Fields, and Angela Gutchess was...
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Obeying Orders Makes Us More Willing to Inflict Pain on Others–Study

Summary: Participants inflict more shocks when obeying orders than when freely deciding. Empathy-related regions are less active when obeying orders compared to acting freely. Coercionreduced neurocognitive processes associated with guilt. Reduced empathy- and...
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Can Money Buy Happiness? What the Research Says

Poverty brings people long-lasting psychological repercussions. However, for those who earn more than the official poverty level, expectations regarding how much money we should or should not have as well as choices regarding how to spend our money and how to prepare...
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How You Talk About Your Life Can Transform Your Personality

Is Your Personality Unchangeable for a Lifetime? After decades of research psychologists have a fairly good understanding of the psychological component that remains with us from one situation to another – otherwise known as our personality. At the very broadest level... read more

Why Apologies are the Glue That Holds Us Together

By Ray Williams October 3, 202 We probably have all had the experience of an apology. It could be receiving (or hoping to receive) and apology from someone who has said or done something that hurts you in some way, or it is your behavior that prompts you to give (or... read more

How a “Nudge” Can Change Behaviour

By Ray Williams, February 23, 2021   In spite of many good intentions, we often give in to temptation. There are so many choices to make each daythat many of them are made on autopilot. We often rely on easy rules of thumb rather than consciously weighing up the... read more

Did President Trump Want to be a Dictator?

By Ray Williams November 30, 2020   Part 2 of the Article: Are Americans Becoming More Authoritarian Under An Autocratic President? Many observers have argued that America was slipping into an autocratic state under President Trump, and his current efforts to... read more

Why The Best Leaders View Vulnerability as a Strength

Why The Best Leaders View Vulnerability as a Strength By Ray Williams, April 20, 2019 There is compelling evidence that leaders who are prepared to show their vulnerability more easily gain the trust of others, and are, in fact, more effective leaders. Admitting our... read more

How Neuroscience Can Make Better Leaders

By Ray Williams, February 6, 2019     Leaders today must understand and apply the knowledge of neuroscience to manage organizational change successfully. In the past, efforts at organizational change which have focused on the structural aspects of... read more