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Michael Webb – Chief Human Resources and Administrative Officer, Nutrien Corporation

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Each of us is on our own heroic journey to find meaning, success, fulfilment and happiness in life. Ray can provide you with the strategies, ideas and tactics to make that journey successful.

A Commitment to Leadership


Ray with Former B.C. Premier Christy Clark

Ray with Former B.C. Premier Christy Clark

"I've really appreciated working with you on the Board and Executive Committee, and valued your advice and guidance."  — Robin Sylvester, CEO, Vancouver Port Authority, Chair, Vancouver Board of Trade

"On behalf of the team, we all really enjoyed the opportunity to benefit from your experience. You made a profound impact on the team.."  — Ron Hensel, Regional Project Director, The Westin Hotels and Resorts

“Ray has been instrumental in my leadership growth.. I have learned a ton about myself and how to lead people and situations that have different views/ personalities. Ray would be a huge asset to anyone who wants to move to the next step in their career.” — Mike Peebles, Vice-President, Anthem Properties

Ray with "Man in Motion" Rick Hansen and VBT Chair Ken Martin

Ray has been a CEO, HR Executive, Management Consultant and Executive Coach for the past 35 years, and served as a Director on several boards in the public and private sector. In addition, he has given keynote speeches and presentations and taught courses at universities and colleges, for corporations and businesses, focusing on the principles and behaviors of good leaders, and positive workplace culture . Ray has written four books, and had more than 300 articles published on leadership, psychology, and workplace culture.




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Results & Guarantees

Ray’s individual clients report amazing results. They willingly give testimonials about:

  • Their relationships having been positively transformed;
  • Successfully achieving their goals and aspirations;
  • Achieving an inner sense of peace and calm;
  • Gaining clarity about their life’s purpose;
  • Making a significant contribution to their community or society;

  • Raising their level of self-awareness;
  • Managing and regulating their emotions more effectively;
  • Living more mindfully in the present;
  • Increasing their emotional intelligence.

Ray is so confident in his strategies for transformation, he provides a money-back guarantee to clients.

Some of Ray's Clients

Real Property Institute of Canada
University of Phoenix
Chartered Accountants of BC
city of vancouver
sierra wireless

Living a Mindful Life

Ray’s Books

Incredibly well researched, as with everything Ray writes, Eye of the Storm provides a detailed overview of the crisis that some leaders and organizations are experiencing where the focus is on ego driven, externally focused goals. Ray outlines the solution –a mindful way of being (vs doing) that nurtures an inside-out approach to being intentional, and ethical in order to create a win-win situation for the leader, their family, their team, the organization and beyond. – Tana Heminsley

Ray Williams brings over 35 years of leadership experience as an educator, CEO, HR Executive, Management Consultant and Leadership Trainer.  Ray now Owner and President of Ray Williams Associates, a private company based in Vancouver, B.C., providing personal and executive mentoring and professional speaking services to clients internationally. He is also known as one of Canada’s top CEO Coaches.

Dragon Tamer
Breaking Bad Habits
Eye of the Storm

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