“Carrot and stick” Motivation Revisited By New Research

We continue to revisit the issue of motivation and specifically, the “carrot and stick” aspect. New research seems to indicate that brain chemicals may control behavior and for people to learn and adapt in the world; therefore, both punishment and reward may be necessary. This conclusion would certainly run counter to the trend towards positive motivation without extrinsic reward or punishment.

Why performance reviews don’t improve performance

In my article Why “Constructive Feedback” Doesn’t Improve Performance, I said “constructive feedback, which is usually critical, rarely helps anyone, and certainly rarely improves employee performance on the job.”

A number of management experts have recently engaged in renewed dialogue about the dysfunctionality of performance reviews, and a new idea on how to replace it using a positive “crowdsourcing,” process has produced a interesting alternative.

How to motivate yourself

I’m often asked by clients, “how do I motivate or inspire myself to accomplish what I want or be who I want to be.” Most of the research on motivation has focused on what material and external things are motivational. I know that one of the keys to self motivation is connected to self-talk—that conversation you have with yourself in your head.