Leaders: We Love Humble Leaders But Idolize Narcissists

The public in general and even management experts are hypocritical about what makes a good leader. On the one hand we exalt and praise leaders who are basically nasty and abusive (called a****les by some) because they are financially successful and on the other hand, research shows that humble leaders whose focus is to serve others are equally successful, but more importantly, capture the hearts and loyalty of others. Which do we value more?

Why lonely leaders may be bad for business

It’s common knowledge that the job of a leader–particularly CEOs– has never been more challenging, as well as under increasing scrutiny. Confidence in business and political leaders is at an all time low. What may not be as appreciated as much is how lonely the position is. While many not be inclined to sympathize with CEOs given their generous compensation and benefits, the negative impact this has on a CEO’s performance and the organization is often overlooked.