Should You “Trust Your Gut” to Make Decisions?

Is it rational to trust your gut feelings? Does it matter if you face a decision that is personal versus a decision you have at work? Doe s the amount and reliability of information prompt you to make a decision solely on logic and rationality, or does gut feeling...
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Why Nelson Mandela Was A Great Leader

Nelson Mandela, or “Madiba” as he was affectionately known, has died. Not only have we lost a great man and a great leader for his country, but also a shining example of the kind of leadership we so desperately need today. He has left a huge inspirational vacuum.

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Why Christmas is So Difficult for Some People

    We are told that Christmas, for Christians, should be the happiest time of year, an opportunity to be joyful and grateful with family, friends and colleagues. Yet, many people are unhappy at Christmas and according to the National Institute of Health,...
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Why Emotional Intelligence is Critical for Great Leadership

  There is clear evidence now that shows the strong connection between effective and successful leaders and their possession of high levels of emotional intelligence. Leadership is a process of social interaction where the leader’s ability to influence the...
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Labeling Your Thoughts and Feelings: Neuroscience and Mindfulness

  Putting your feelings into words, and mindful meditation together are a powerful way to regulate your emotions in a positive way. Why is putting our feelings into words beneficial?  A brain imaging study by UCLA psychologists which appears in the...
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What do We Know About Happiness?

This extended and thorough article is a 20 minute read.     Did you know what over 45,000,000 people search for happiness on GOOGLE monthly? And that’s just on the main search engine.  As amazing as the number is, something struck. This number could... read more

Is Management Obsolete?

Our recent economic problems going back to at least 2008 and some would argue, much further than that, have often been attributed to external events such as the market place, globalization or the rise of other economies. Few have suggested it may be the problem of competent management and even that management, as we have known it, may be obsolete.

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Why Don’t My Positive Affirmations Work?

“I am successful,” “I am a wonderful person,” “I will find love again,” and many other similar phrases that students, the broken-hearted and unfulfilled employees may repeat to themselves over and over again, hoping to change their lives. Self-help books through the ages, from Norman Vincent Peale’s The Power of Positive Thinking, all the way to the latest, The Secret, have encouraged people with low self-esteem to make positive self-statements or affirmations.Research suggests it may do more harm than good to many people.

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The Rise of Incivility in America

Has the recession growing economic equality been a catalyst for growing incivility in America? Just look at our TV shows–the superficial pettiness and backstabbing of Orange County or Vancouver housewives, New Jersey shore grotesques, bullying chefs, rude and disrespectful contest judges, talk show hosts, news program hosts, and politicians.

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Why Women May be Better Leaders for Our Times

It has always been assumed by the general public and by past leadership research that men make better leaders than women. How else do you account for the dominance of men in important leadership positions in the U.S.? The stereotypic leader has frequently been... read more

Nice Guys and Nice Companies Can Finish First

In my article in The Financial Post, “Why Nice Guys Can Finish First in Business,” I said ““our culture for some time has embraced the notion that the strongest, toughest and most aggressive leaders get the job done and are more desirable, than “likeable,” or humble people who are viewed to be weak.” Despite the fact that this stereotype continues to be embraced by many and projected in the media, it doesn’t reflect changing times or recent psychological and business research.

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Why GDP is Not a Good Measure of Progress

This article is about a 10 minute read.   GDP is a poor measure of progress. We need a ‘quality adjusted’ GDP linked to transactions which recognize how much social and natural capital they are building. What GDP is and What it Isn’t   The OECD defines GDP... read more

How Napping Can Make You More Productive and Healthier

Want to be smarter, more alert, and more productive? Well, the answer may lie in napping. People who catch 40 winks or an even longer nap during the day are often viewed to be lazy, less productive, and possessing inadequate sleep. Not so, according to recent brain research.

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The American Myths of the “Self-Made Man,” the American Dream and Meritocracy

The recession has caused a significant economic adjustment, including a realignment of assets and the demand and supply of talent. Along with these adjustments has been renewed debate over issues such as the distribution of wealth, the disappearing middle class and the belief in meritocracy. Some recent experts have reaffirmed a perception that both the belief in the “self-made man” and the benefits of meritocracy are largely myths and don’t serve society well.

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